Purge Systems South Africa

Nitrogen Purge CurveFoxolution has the technology and expertise to design gas displacement or dilution purge systems for industry in accordance with their specific and unique set of requirements. Our GfG range of Ex / ATEX gas detection equipment compliments this offering. Our Purge Systems are typically designed to reduce the oxygen concentration below 20 v/v% of the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) of the gas to be purged, using an inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide as is required by the industry.

The pharmaceutical industry uses nitrogen blanketing techniques for explosion prevention when working with potentially hazardous bulk chemicals and the processing thereof. Food packaging using specific gas mixes forms part of this offering too. Purging and blanketing of wine vats used by the industry for fermentation purposes is another application that Fox offers. On-site generation of nitrogen using PSA or membrane technology and the reticulation / distribution thereof provide our clients with a unique set of solutions for their particular applications.

Fox is able to correctly size the system for the application to ensure that the cost of generating the nitrogen is both economical and optimized, reducing the dependence of the industry on carbon dioxide supplies which, in South Africa, are erratic and very costly to say the least. Systems can be purpose built to the clients specific requirements and integrated on site with the clients existing hardware as the case may be.


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